Today we are excited to announce the birth of our company.


Silicon Nanocrystals Bioimaging Systems

SINBIOSYS is specialized in synthesizing luminescent silicon nanocrystals.
These quantum dots represent a sustainable and biocompatible alternative to organic chromophores, rare earth complexes and metal based quantum dots.

Outstanding Silicon Nanocrystals features are:

  • biocompatibility
  • photo, chemical and thermal stability
  • colour tuneability
  • long emission lifetimes

Light-guided surgery: light can provide guidance to surgeons in the operation field and dramatically improve the outcome.

Luminescent solar concentrators: it is possible convert a transparent window into a solar energy collector by combining SiQDs, waveguide technology and conventional solar panels.

TiGRe (Time-Gated Recycling of Plastic): efficient sorting of different polymers is the bottleneck to achieve a true circular economy for plastic. We developed a technique to help automatic sorting facilities to solve this issue.