CTO & co-founder

Prof. Paola Ceroni

Paola Ceroni is full professor at the University of Bologna. In 1998 she obtained her PhD degree in Chemical Sciences at the University of Bologna, after a period in the United States (Prof. Allen J. Bard’s laboratory). Current research is focused on photochemistry and electrochemistry of supramolecular systems and nanocrystals.

Her research on luminescent silicon nanocrystals was funded by an ERC Starting Grant PhotoSi and an ERC Proof of Concept SiNBiosys. She is fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Associate Editor of Dalton Transactions and member of the Editorial Board of Chem. She is co-author of 200 scientific papers and of a book on photochemistry (Wiley-VCH, 2014).

Personal webiste: CLICK HERE

CEO & co-founder

Dr. Francesco Romano

PhD in molecular sciences at the University of Padova, joined the group of Prof. Paola Ceroni in 2015. He is an organic chemist, with background in synthesis and surface functionalization of silicon nanocrystals.

He developed sustainable synthetic pathways to obtain biocompatible SiNC that are water suspendable for biological applications.

CRO & co-founder

Dr. Marco Villa

Marco Villa got his PhD in Chemical Sciences in a co-tutorship of the University of Bologna and Aix-Marseille Université, under the supervision of Prof. Paola Ceroni and Prof. Marc Gingras (in 2018).

In his career he worked on the synthesis and characterization of dyes for solar cell, (bio)imaging, sensors and supramolecular chemistry. In 2019 he got a post-doc position at the University of Bologna in the group of Prof. Ceroni on the synthesis and characterization of Silicon nanoparticles for luminescent solar concentrator (LSC).