Luminescent greenhouse films that glow when illuminated with sunlight. Unlike shade cloths, or spray coatings that filter light, this technology has the unique property of converting short wavelength photons to longer wavelength photons.

This shifting of the sunlight spectrum provides growers a low-cost solution to modify the light spectrum in their greenhouse, without sacrificing PAR. Luminescent polyethylene films also provide diffuse light  in all directions.

Our Technology

Siligro films convert UV and blue photons to longer wavelength photons, such as orange or red, by using novel nanomaterials called quantum dots (QDs). The absorption and emission spectra of QDs can be altered by simply changing the size of the manufactured QDs.

The emitted light can be selected for a specific crop or certain stage of growth to realize optimum crop yields. The current Siligro film emits light centered in the orange (700-750 nm).

Key Advantages of SiQDs:

  • converts UV light into orange/red wavelengths, which is more efficient for photosynthesis
  • emitted light has an effect on the plant structure and the plant can focus more energy into the fruit or flowers
  • the quantum dots in the Siligro film emit light in all directions, providing the greenhouse with diffuse light and allowing the light to reach deeper into the plant canopy
  • lower cost compared to LED technology