Silicon quantum dots (SiQDs)

Silicon quantum dots are luminescent semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum yield up to 70%) with long emission lifetimes (tens to hundreds of microseconds). Emission spectra span from visible (yellow-orange, approx. 600 nm) to near infrared (up to 970 nm). Absorption coefficient is high in the UV region.

SiQDs can be used for similar applications to those proposed for traditional QDs, like energy harvesting, storage and conversion, LEDs, imaging, among others; with the advantage of avoiding toxic metals like lead or cadmium. SiQDs are also ideal to be used as a cellular and protein labeling material for applications in biology and medicine. SINBIOSYS produces readily dispersed SiQDs in water or in different organic solvents.

Long emission lifetimes enable time-gating imaging to avoid autofluorescence noise with low-cost microseconds equipment.