Silicon Quantum Dots

Silicon Quantum Dots that are suspendable in organic solvents come with dimensions between 3 and 5 nm and are passivated with organic molecules. Passivation can be customized to meet different applications needs.

We can deliver SiQDs that are suspendable both in apolar and polar solvents.

Water suspendable SiQDs

By means of attaching poly(ethylene glycol) polymers to the surface via a strong covalent bonds we successfully achieved water suspendable SiQDs that are stable against aggregation with a shelf life up to one year.

These nanocrystals can be further functionalised to obtain active targeting in biological environment.

Carboxylic acid functionalized SiQDs

These QDs, which are suspendable in strong polar organic solvents, such as DMF and ethanol, can be functionalized via amide bond formation to introduce other functionalities on the dot surface, such as chromophores, targeting units, PEG polymers.