Nowadays pharmaceuticals, electronics, and luxury brands, for instance, are affected from counterfeiting (link) and fraud or face sustainability and ethical concerns.

Sustainability trends bring new demand to have a traceable supply chain. Technologies that are able to trace materials along the supply chain allow to monitor critical points that need to be addressed to ensure efficient and safe operations.

SiQDs that have a unique signature that combines color finger prints and lifetime imaging information are the ultimate solution for your brand protection.

SINBIOSYS nanomaterial technology can also be used to help sorting and tracing the supply chain for virgin and recycled plastics. In this article (link) we describe how quantum dots can improve plastic recycling.

Key Advantages of SiQDs:

  • Unique light and time-resolved fingerprint
  • Safe, biocompatible and biodegradable
  • Cheap and Scalable solution
  • Compatible with many different materials