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Si-alkyl are silicon nanocrystals passivated with alkyl terminated hydrocarbon chains and are sold as dispersions in toluene.

Si-alkyl 700-900 have emission maxima between 700 and 900 nm.
Si-alkyl >900 have emission maxima  between 900 and 1000 nm

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Si-RV-2Si-alkyl 700-900λ=750-850 nmV= 10mL, 200uM10800,00  exc. VAT
Si-RVSi-alkyl 700-900λ=750-850 nmV= 2mL, 200uM10450,00  exc. VAT
Si-RNIR-2Si-alkyl >900λ=900-1000 nmV= 10mL, 200uM30800,00  exc. VAT
Si-RNIRSi-alkyl >900λ=900-1000 nmV= 2mL, 200uM30450,00  exc. VAT


For Research Use Only.

Absorption and emission spectra, quantum yield. Certificate of analysis is provided for every production lot.

SiQDs concentration is referred to the concentration of the silicon core only and it is calculated using the Lambert- Beer equation, using absorption coefficients (εabs) reported in Korgel et al., Chem. Mater. 2012, 24, 393−401

Yes, Si-alkyl chromophore are stable up to 300°C.